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I’m watching my GF’s little girl tonight. She can’t get enough of my phone. At first I thought it was bad. Like, she’s already too exposed. But then I began to really think about it. We’re not any different than people from 1900. We have different ethical standards, etc. But when it comes to things that make life easier they were just as for it as we are. I was even thinking if you handed a 4 year old from 1900 my phone I think they would still be as amazed by it as the ones are today. They might not realize what exactly it is, or talk on it for play, but they would still love it and be attached to it, I think.

SO does that make it ok? I still don’t think so. We’ve restricted her tv time and her games time and everything. She doesn’t mind, she likes playing outside and hanging with us just as much as anything else. But I wonder what the children that aren’t restricted will end up like? What if a real world shattering disaster really comes? Say something crazy happens and all electronics are wiped out, like a worldwide emp (somehow, i don’t know). Would 1/2 the population even survive? if we did make it would we just go right back? It’s really crazy to think about.


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