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Life without the internet

It’s funny. I just posted about how attached we are to Facebook, and my gf daughter and my phone. Then I was thinking about the last few days. I’ve been staying at the GF’s house and she, crazy, I know, doesn’t have the internet. I’ve been going absolutely crazy!! No online games, no Facebook, I work online so I’m getting behind, and misc information. I wanted to get a new TV and couldn’t look any of them up. I wanted to check CraigsList and couldn’t. It feels like I couldn’t do anything. Think about that. I just said “without the internet, I couldn’t do anything.” That’s the crazy thing. I’m so attached to the internet that it legitimately feels like I can’t do anything.

I’m wondering if this is normal though. With respect to the times we’re in I think my attachment to technology is just as bad as people’s infatuation with it through the history of man. We’ve always been interested in the new thing. And if a product revolutionized something, we always take advantage of it.

The internet is so relied on it makes me think of slaves. I think we talked about this in class. Slaves were used forever to get work done. The internet isn’t exactly our slave. It doesn’t have feelings or isn’t “alive”. But I honestly think it could still revolt. Now that’s scary.


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