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I’m sitting her watching Futurama. One of the main characters leila died and they brought her back as a robot. It’s pretty funny. It’s crazy thinking about how close we could actually come to this being a reality.  I mean I don’t think it would be too hard to put someones profile into a machine mixed with all their online history and make somewhat of a person.  Ha, it’s kind of funny to think about it.

Imagine if it was possible. There’d be so many ethical issues with making people out of robots. Would they still get rights? I feel like if we ever get to making robots that people own (like iRobot, not like a vacuum robot) there would be activist groups fighting for rights, and it wouldn’t be too long before people would want to marry them and all kinds of stuff. This makes me think about tons of other stuff, but ultimately brings me to a question.  Just because we can does that mean we should? It’s tough to see the line. I feel like we’re already on it, and we’re about to fall over. Pretty soon we’ll have cars driving themselves. What happens when a kid walks out in front of one of those cars and gets killed? who’s responsible? :/


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