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When my group and I were making our presentation I was looking into how addicted to facebook the US is. The stats were startling ( At first I didn’t think they were accurate. My roommates and I were hardly on facebook, only one or two times a day. Then I came back to Nebraska. I noticed my GF checking FaceBook while she driving!! I was amazed that it was that important to some people. Then I took a really hard look around, snuck a few peeks at peoples phones as I was walking around and noticed they were all on FaceBook too.

I think it’s going a bit too far.  I don’t understand why people are this into it. I challenged my GF to take a day off facebook. She said she could do it no problem, but I don’t think she could really do it. We’ll see and I’ll post if she makes it. I took a whole day off yesterday, it was no problem for me 🙂 but I think others might have real trouble with it.

Could anyone reading this do it?


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