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Black Mirror, again

Prof Goldberg commented on one of my blog posts and asked me what the alternative would be to being a battery.  I was saying we’re all “batteries” helping to keep technology alive (Black Mirror).

What could the alternatives be? I don’t see many. I mean whichever way you choose to live your life can’t be said to be wrong. The key word there is CHOOSE though.

I think were getting farther and farther beyond actually having a choice. In order to “succeed” as most people would define it, you can’t have much of a choice. You must embrace technology and become a battery, or better yet, help turn people into batteries (IT, marketing, corporate jobs, etc.).  So what then? Is there an alternative to becoming a battery, finding ourselves in a fat not unlike that of Black Mirror?

Of course there is. We could all give up our phones and get away from tech stuff. Stop going to work, and all live on the land. Yea, 1/2 of us would die of starvation, but we’d make it.

The crappy thing about this is that, as prof Goldberg said, the people in Black Mirror weren’t exactly unhappy.  If they weren’t un happy then why are we fighting back? That’s probably why we aren’t exactly fighting back as it is today. I think if the economy doesn’t improve and we don’t shift back to locally owned small business we’ll find ourselves in a hard spot. I think modern technology is only perpetuating a cycle of big companies dominating small locally owned businesses. If this keeps on gong I see us right where Black Mirror takes place.

What a situation, accept the Black Mirror fate or go back to 1980.

Hahahaha, like we even have a choice. I don’t think we have much say. We’re being bombarded 24/7 with advertisements, suggestions, movies we should watch, etc. it feels impossible to ignore.

I don’t have a solution! I don’t know what to do, if there is anything.


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