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The Good Life

I saw this on how to live the good life.

I thought at first that it would say dumb stuff (dumb to me!), typical stuff you find online about “making the most of everyday” and how to “live with god” and stuff like that, but this article was much different.  It was much more… Based in reality. I liked the list a lot. My favorite thing on the list was #1- Slow Down. I’m that guy that my friends always come to with problems. Usually I end up telling them to slow down and think things through and they discover that there problem isn’t that big and manageable.  It’s really amazing what a person can accomplish when they think things out and go about using their time effectively.

My second favorite was #3, be self sufficient. Now that is much easier said than done, but when it’s done it’ll change your life. when you don’t have to ask for help or need assistance with things you are overall much happier. It’s tough because getting there is tiring and full of errors. The first time you, say, register your car all alone, takes a while. but once you do it you’re done and can do it again and the next time it’ll be easier. Same goes with hooing up your internet, making some complicated dinner, or anything!! I took this initiative a long time ago, when I was around 20, and haven’t looked back. Now I’m the advice giver and not the asker, which just makes life better 🙂




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