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Stanford Prison Experiment

I saw the stanford prison experiment on the main blog page and thought about how that could relate to this class.

The stanford prison experiment was mostly about roles. When a person is placed in a role they tend to become that role, sometimes a stereotype, sometimes what they think that role should be, but ultimately, if they let it, that role can envelop them.  This was demonstrated in the stanford prison experiment and was an extreme example in that study.

This applies to digital america in a profound way.  If a person takes on a role online what does that do to them as a person? It really depends, in my opinion, how seriously that person takes the role can really have an affect on their life. Who knows how do much these online games have on people?  What if you put something in your profile (I am a rock climber)? would that make you more apt to do something if you say you do it? What if you say you love techno music but you only listen to it every so often. Would you listen more often because you put that on your profile?  If that’s true are our profiles shaping us as people? Is my Level 50 Jedi Knight actually making me a more righteous person? Is my level 50 Sith warrior making me a devious person?



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