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This song is great. It’s only one facet of how addicet we all seem to be addicted to technology. My group, for the final project, proposed the challenge- Can you go a day without your phone? For 99% of people the answer is no. No way. We are all “addicted to our iPhones”. I know I am.

The real question to me is- Is this ok? I think it’s alright actually. People are naturally adaptive. It’s here now and we use it. If we didn’t we’d be so far behind it would be pointless to give it up. We use our phones and technology for everything and, while it’s around, we should. I think it’s ok. Use the tools available to live, that’s fine. Like I said, we are naturally adaptive. If everything would go down I think we would be fine. The ones who wouldn’t be fine wouldn’t make it, lol, which is ok with me 🙂



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