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Gibson and the Movie

The movie today put the article we read into perspective really well.  Even if the movie is an extreme and just a minimalist perspective it seems to sum up, what some believe to be, our most likely future.

In the article we read for class Gibson seems to foresee a world where we cannot distinguish between virtual and real. Until today I couldn’t understand how that would be possible. We’ll always have something to connect us, a link. That being said we’ll always have a way to get away, disconnect the link. But in the movie we saw today it was not that simple.  It totally encompassed their lives and without the virtual there was no “real”.  People were needed to provide power and were enslaved to do so within the guise of freedom. Enslaved under the illusion that you are your account balance, your avatar. When in reality those people were nothing more than batteries.  It didn’t seem like anyone could just walk away.

In Gibson he begins talking about implants (be them chips or “goo”) which, to me, sound like the easiest measure of control. In the movie they talked about almost the same thing in the form of apps. Apps that can help you eat healthier by altering your thoughts or apps that help you dream better were mentioned. It seems like the illusion of comfort, or ease, or efficiency will be the way we’ll find ourselves under control. Things will just get “better and better”.

It seems to me that this future is possible. I cannot say likely or that I agree with the idea. I haven’t seen another possibility to compare. All of the movies, articles, etc I have come across picture us as batteries in the future. Endlessly powering the existing measures to keep us under control and doing so voluntarily in order to keep providing whatever “they” feel like we need to provide.


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One thought on “Gibson and the Movie

  1. So what is the alternative to being a battery? People in Black Mirror were clearly not unhappy. Only Bing was “awake…” or just plain crazy.

    We keep dreaming.

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