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I left class and had an experience that made me think and from that I thought of what prof Goldberg said about inspiration which lead me to post.
I was at paradise palms and hoped that they would be serving gyros. They hadn’t had them all semester yet, but I thought i’d drop in and see. To my surprise they were there today! I hardly post on FB, but since we had been talking about it I thought i’d post a status update. “Gyros make me happy!” Before I had my gyro in hand I had 3 comments and 2 texts about how amazing gyros are. A text happened to come from an old friend I haven’t talked to in quite a while.
In class I seem to focus on the negative part of the impact of technology on our lives. But getting reunited with an old friend really made my day. We used to be almost brothers and have know each other since we were 13. We lost contact because of him joining the army, me the navy, and me moving, etc. This made me think how powerful of a tool FB could be. Really looking at it, it’s a tool that connects everyone. In a way it’s amazing, in a way it’s not. connecting everyone has many good and bad implications and we could discuss the moral and philosophical implications for years (and probably will) but for now I’m thankful for it. I thought I’d see if there had been more newsworthy reunifying stories having to do with FB and found a few. The best one I thought was this ( A father and son reunited.

Later that day:

Prof Goldberg brought up a good point over email.  Is this reconnection, happiness, and ability to share these feeling and emotions with the world instantaneously worth having the whole experience digitized? Everything I felt, said, expressed was done so via some sort of electronic means. they are all real interactions and encounters, but they are all also virtual. This interaction seems harmless: Great Gyro, *press post*, talk with friends. The ability to do this opens up so many doors, some people are living on Facebook sacrificing daily real physical interactions with other people for virtual ones. Is this ok? Who judges? I can’t say it’s not ok, who am I to say that?  I guess in all actuality we all decide by use. We keep using things like Facebook all the time they will continue to be prominent. I’m not saying any of this is not ok, I don’t even have any idea whether I think it’s ok or not. I guess in the end we decide whether it’s ok to live online, actions speak louder than words.


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2 thoughts on “Gyros

  1. Is this ok? Who judges? I can’t say it’s not ok, who am I to say that?

    If you are persuasive, charismatic and can present comprehensible evidence for whatever you believe, you are in the position to judge. If what you see coming is a threat things you love the most, it is you duty to judge.

  2. PS – don’t give up your power before you’ve actually been challenged for it.

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